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A beer to give you a Sense of place,

Let’s take a journey back in time for our Canterbury Brewers Ale experiment.  It’s AD 597 and we find ourselves at the burial place of the Anglo Saxon Kings of Kent. Pope Gregory IST had dispatched a small group of Benedictine monks led by St Augustine to bring back Christianity to southern England. King Ethelbert of Kent was converted and donated land and a monastery was built. The abbey flourished under the “Black Monks” Benedictine rule until the Dissolution, It then became a palace where Henry VIII would greet his new queen, Anne of Cleves.

So what has all this got to do with beer?

You are aware of our Green Chapel beer, a collaboration with Canterbury Christchurch University.

Well we have taken this further and Dr Lee Byrne is leading a team of scientists to isolate a natural brewing yeast from the area of the remains of the “Brew/Bake-house” wall where the monks would have brewed beer and baked bread. Also randomly from 1770 to 1844, the Alfred Beer & Company brewery operated within the abbey precincts.

They have done it! Not only have these amazing Science types isolated yeast suitable for brewing but they have isolated FIVE yes FIVE!

So we are going to brew in January with all 5 yeast strains. Brewers and wine makers all over the world would give their eye teeth to have the opportunity to brew with a truly local yeast strain. Never mind a yeast strain from a World heritage site AND the oldest Monastic site in this ancient land.  I need to breathe! ….

This will be lead to a true Canterbury beer.

Jon Mills

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