Foundry Torpedo

"An amber ale with an explosive, crisp finish"

Foundry Man's Gold

"A golden ale with strong aromas of citrus and elderflower with a subtle, lingering bitterness"

Canterbury Wheat

"An American-Style wheat beer made with 50% wheat and 50% barley. A light, summer thirst quencher combined with characteristically refreshing wheat flavour"

Street Light Porter

"Dark, malty porter with strong toffee-chocolates and a licorice finish. Hops: Goldings & Floral Willemette"

Canterbury Haka

"New Zealand recipie - south pacific pale ale with a deep but fleeting bitterness. More malt provides depth and helps balance the pine floral New Zealand hops."

Biggleston's Brown Ale

"A Kent bitter made using East Kent Goldings and Kentish Challenger hops grown locally on Syndale farm. A traditional beer from the heartland of hops."

Foundry Steam

"A steam beer or Californian-style common ale. Brewed with Northern Brewer and Hallertauer (Mittlefuh) hops. Inspired from beer brewed during the gold rush of the Wild West this is an amber lager, highly effervescent, light and fruity."

Foundry Black

"A dark stout-like ale brewed with roasted and chocolate malts for some real depth and balanced with a generous amount of green bullet hops. Hoppyness backed by smooth fresh-roasted coffee and cocoa."

Foundry Red Rye

"With a reddish-golden colour, the spice from the rye malt and the citra and chinook hops this is a stage for us to show case some of our favourite hops and malts. A craft beer that delivers more than just an explosion of hops."

Foundry Helles

"A delicate, pale helles lager, clean pills-malt flavour with a spicy german noble hop aroma. A, full flavoured, traditional craft lager that is unfiltered and unpasturised."