Small Plates

Deep Fried Brie

With a crisp salad, Cranberry sauce and Toast £6.25

Foundry Rarebit

Spread thick on doorstep white toast and grilled until bubbling golden brown £5.95


Homemade hummus & tapenade with warm pitta and veg crudités £5.85

6 Sticky BBQ Chicken wings

With Blue cheese or sweet chili dip £6.25
Double up to a dozen for £10.50

Mini bbq pulled pork fajitas

Mini Fajitas stuffed with pulled pork with our own bbq sauce, crisp lettuce and cheese £6.50

Chicken & Cider Pâté

Delicious foundry pate with our own cider, served with toast and chutneys £5.95

Gold Battered Calamari

Crispy Calamari rings with our own Foundrymans Gold batter served with garlic mayonnaise £7.25
4 Small plates £22.75 Calamari £1 Extra
Includes Chips and Apple slaw

Add Sweet Potato Chips (£2) Skinny chips (£1) Loaded Fries with cheese & bacon bits (£2)

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