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The Foundry Brew pub and Canterbury Brewers and Distillers have moved just around the corner to 77 Stour Street.

Biggleston's Birdman


"Session stregth, American-style Brown ale"

When we brewed our session strength brown ale we wanted something full of our favourite hop flavours, big hits of malt and a name to pay homage to more of the amazing work of the Biggleston family. They made amazing metal things, including one of the early flying machines and inspired by the pioneers of flight we wanted a beer that reflected bold, bravery of the gentleman scientists that tried to defy gravity.


Available as: Cask

HopsStella, Cascade, East Kent Goldings, Magnum
GrainMarris Otter, Lager, Chocolate, Amber, Cara, Abbey, Roast
YeastAmerican Ale

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