Our Distillery

Authentically crafted in the Garden of England, Canterbury, Kent

We wanted our hand made spirits be as authentic as the city we call home. It had to be “Grain to glass” for all our products, we mash, ferment, distill, barrel and bottle all of our products at the distillery.

Proudly ignoring some old industry practices in pursuit of a new legacy, driven by traditional values but fuelled by modern taste.

At the Foundry we adore Gin. We love it so much we thought we would make our own from scratch. Juicy, citrusy, full of Kentish flavours, bursting with aromatic Juniper and brewed with the finest English barley. To ensure our handcrafted and unfiltered Gin is extra special we distill it using 8 blissfully tasty botanicals, including hops and apples from local Kentish farms. This London Dry Gin is lovingly bottled by us for your drinking pleasure.

What’s to come? Next our small batch treble-distilled Vodka from English Barley. Look for classic and innovative whiskey expressions, small batch specialty spirits, and seasonal offerings.