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Our Spirits

Canterbury Gin

At the Foundry we adore Gin. We love it so much we thought we would make our own from scratch.

Juicy, citrusy, full of Kentish flavours, bursting with aromatic Juniper and brewed with the finest English Barley.

To ensure our handcrafted and unfiltered Gin is extra special we distill it using eight blissfully tasty botanicals, including hops and apples from local Kentish farms.

This London Dry gin is lovingly bottled by us for your drinking pleasure.

Canterbury Spiced Rum

Samuel Jackson son of a smuggler had a 'warren' of tunnels underneath his house in Petham. Known as Slippery Sam after overpowering a guard, covering himself in axle grease & slipping through a small window at Maidstone Gaol. In 1760, after shooting and killing a Revenue officer, Jackson was caught, hung and gibbeted for two days at the age of thirty.

This Spiced Rum is handcrafted here at The Foundry in Canterbury from the highest quality Molasses before being Aged on Spanish Oak, Madagascan Vanilla, Spanish orange peel & 6 world spices.

Canterbury Jin

The benevolence that unites each human being to the other.

Our Jin is a melting pot of botanicals from all 4 corners of the globe. Laid to rest on Shikuwasa fruit from our friends on Okinawa Island for 5 weeks.


Blackcurrant & Honey Gin

A rich, deep velvety gin. A juniper led navy gin is small batch distilled from our handcrafted grain to glass barley spirit. Left to mature with tart blackcurrant and succulent golden honey. Enjoy with tonic, Prosecco or as a straight winter ‘nip’.